The Wisconsin Polka Boosters

Dedicated to the Promotion of Polka Music & Dance

A non-profit service organization established in 1970

Purpose: The purpose of the Wisconsin Polka Boosters Inc. is to promote and preserve traditional and contemporary polka music and dance, through diversified activities.

History: Wisconsin Polka Boosters Inc. was formed on May 19th, 1970. Two years later  the group was incorporated as a non-profit service organization in the state of Wisconsin. The club continues actively under that status today.

Membership: Membership in the Wisconsin Polka Boosters Inc. is open to any person 13 years or older. Annual membership dues are $22.00 per couple and / or $22.00 per single person. The membership year is from July 1st to June 30th of each year. Annual elections are held at the membership meeting in November.

All about the WPB:
The Wisconsin Polka Boosters Inc. has about 829 members. Most reside in Wisconsin, but others live throughout the United States. The club provides polka information to its members through the club's bi-monthly newsletter. The Wisconsin Polka Booster newsletter features listings and schedules for polka dances, Polka festivals, polka band dance dates, locations of various halls where polka music and dancing are featured, plus articles of interest about current polka happenings. The publication also emphasizes dates & locations of WPB sponsored polka hop lessons.

Club Events: The WPB holds a Bimonthly membership meeting. The Board of Directors of the organization meet monthly.

The Wisconsin Polkafest: Each year the Wisconsin Polka Boosters sponsors the Wisconsin Polkafest. This three day event is usually held during the month of May at the Olympia Resort in Oconomowoc, WI. First held in 1979, it was one of the first polka festivals to be held in the United States. Today, it is heralded as one of the premier national polka events, and draws participants from all over the United States.

Contributions: Since the club is a non-profit organization, the Wisconsin Polka Boosters make contributions to organizations or events that further the cause of polka music and dance. These include donations to the Council of Festivals and others.

Polka Dance Lessons: One of the major goals of the Wisconsin Polka Boosters has been the teaching of Polka Hop lessons. The Wisconsin Polka Boosters has taught thousands how to polka since its founding in 1970. Members of the group donate their time and talent to act as instructors. The club offers both beginning and advance polka lessons and also teaches Schottische, Polka Line Dance, Waltz and Circle Dance Routines. Currently the Wisconsin Polka Boosters is enlarging its activities in this area. Future efforts will result in increasing the number of dance instructors to accommodate classes in excess of 200 students at one time.

Affiliations: The Wisconsin Polka Boosters was very instrumental in making the "Polka" the official Wisconsin state dance. Then Governor Tommy Thompson signed this legislation into law on April 21, 1994.

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